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What makes Spring Crest different?

Three exclusive product innovations

  • A system for pleating fabric to hang in softly-rounded folds, uniformly shaped from top to bottom, eliminating the 'scrunched' look at the top of ordinary draperies that distorts fabric patterns and distracts from the overall window fashion.
  • Our own line of decorative solid wood and heavy duty metal rods that were designed with the strength and beauty demanded by today's innovative window fashions.

Our exclusive spring pleater is the secret

Spring Crest's exclusive stainless steel pleater spring is concealed in a narrow top hem so fabrics hang smoothly and evenly without ugly hooks or pleats that droop or sag. As the draperies are opened or closed, all the pleater loops in the stainless steel spring contract or elongate uniformly so pleat size adjusts evenly throughout the entire width without bunching up like ordinary draperies. The result is an elegant window fashion with matching tubular pleats that display fabrics to their finest advantage.

Beautiful inside and out

Have you ever noticed how ordinary draperies look from outside you home? Unattractive hooks are exposed and frequently your neighbors see unsightly top headers as well. But with our concealed steel pleater, Spring Crest draperies and top treatments look as beautiful from outside your home as they look inside!

The Bottom Line:
Your best overall value in quality window fashions.